10 Amazing health drinks for summer | Refreshing summer beverages | Best drinks for hot weather:

Health drinks -helping wives
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Our body is a machine we must feed it with 3/4 liquids and 1/4 food. Do you know some surprising facts up to 90% of your weight of body comes from water and adult human body is comprising of 60% of water. the brain and heart are composed of 73% water and lungs 83% water. We must in take according to our human body. Below are the list of summer drinks to beat the heat.

Health drinks for summer - helping wives
Health drinks for summer

1. water:

Water is essential component in human body. It is considered as vital nutrient of every cell. If any one ask me too choose for survival From food? water? air?. I will definitely choose water because water consists of air and with that we can make a living. So, consumption of water is a must and is considered as healthy drink. Drinking water at different times in a day gives you various benefits.

  • Early in the morning.
  • Before a meal
  • After work out
  • Before going to bed
  • After your meal
Water -helping wives
Drinking Water

A healthy outside starts from the inside

Robert urich

2. Coconut water:

Coconut water acts like a medicine to our body. It is natural water as it consists of easily digested carbohydrates in form of sugar. Summer is very worsened this year. Many of us often gets dehydrated especially children. So, tender coconut water is also recommended which is 94% water and low on fat. On a hot sunny day if you consume coconut water you may feel refreshed. Minerals like zinc, calcium, potassium are found in coconut water. Your thirsty can be satisfied by coconut water.

Coconut water -helping wives
Coconut water

3. Butter milk:

Butter milk is also recommended drink in summer. It consists of Vitamin-B and vitamin-D which helps to give strength to your immune system. By consuming it you may feel very cool and it keeps your heart healthy because it contains less fat which is best for your heart. Daily drink at least 2 glasses of butter milk to not being feel dehydrated.

Eat less food, drink more fluids

Helping wives

4. Lemon juice / Lemon water:

Lemon water is best in summer. Try to develop a habit of drinking fresh lemon juice in a day which is good source of vitamin -C and also freshens your breath. It is also useful to reduce respiratory diseases. So, try to add this lemon juice to your every day diet plan.

Lemon juice -helping wives
Lemon juice

5. Glucose water formula:

This water is also a perfect way to keep yourself cool during heat in summer. Glucose is just a simple carbohydrates. with this you may gain instant energy. Glucose can also be useful in muscle recovery. It provides a protein to repair muscle energy. Glucose is just a fuel to brain. It works more efficiently after consuming glucose water. The correct formula of taking glucose keeps you healthy in regulating body temperature.

6. Any fruit juices which you can avail:

With the available fruits make juices in this summer. Fruit juices are made by using sugar and artificial flavors outside. so, try out in your house. fruit juices like apple, sapota, pomegranate, grapes, mango orange etc whichever fruit you may like. But I personally recommend to consume fruits directly rather than making a juice.

Fruit juices -helping wives
Fruit juices

7. Any vegetable juices:

In summer we can use vegetable juices for a weight loss. Summer is very hot but it brings a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables. seasonal foods are very important in our every day diet plan. Helping wives.com helps you to make a vegetable juice

  • Carrot -1 (medium)
  • Beetroot -1 (medium)
  • Tomato -2 (medium)
  • Cucumber -half
  • Curry leaves -20 leaves

Chop all vegetables mentioned above in to small pieces and grind them in a mixer coarsely. Then take a unused cloth and squeeze the juice. You can have it daily in the morning before break fast. You, yourself can experience the change.

Vegetable juice -helping wives
Vegetable juice

8. Green gram malt:

Green gram malt is packed with heavy nutrients. It is very rich in potassium , magnesium and fiber which reduce blood pressure. It automatically lowers body temperature and is recommended to consume in summer .It is termed as a cold food.

How to prepare green gram malt:

First fry green gram in a medium flame, then add water and make them boil and then keep for 4-5 whistles. Then to this add sugar or salt depending on your taste. Then serve.

Green gram -helping wives
Green gram

9. Tea : (Green tea)

Tea drinkers have a lower risk of strokes and heart diseases. It is medicine for boosting your brain. It reduces your body temperature and cools down, Sweating is best way to cool temperatures. Dehydration can be avoided, improves digestion, helps in upset stomach and relaxes you in summer.

Tea -helping wives

10. Barley water:

Barley water is also good in summer. It is said as ancient remedy for good health. You can do this by using barley powder which can be available in market or else you can make in home. It is considered as home remedy for urinary infections especially in summer. It is also used as a weight loss. So, add this in your diet plan.

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One small advice from helpingwives.com

Helpingwives.com recommends you to place a bowl of water on your terrace for birds or for any other living beings. As temperature is very high birds also cannot tolerate. Its purely my advice please ..

Try to take all the liquids mentioned above for better summer. We can avoid sun strokes and also dehydration. Have a happy summer.

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