Ajantha and Ellora caves- Tourist Attractions in Maharashtra:

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Introduction To Caves:

Ajantha And Ellora Caves are one of the Best Tourists Attractions in Maharashtra. The secrets and the way it was built is the most curiosity for many people, travelers and foreigners to visit the place.I can specifically tell one must be very lucky to visit the place and feel the beauty of the caves. Without any doubt the main tourists attractions in Ajantha and Ellora are caves. There are

  • 29 Caves at Ajantha
  • 32 Caves in Ellora.

The cave was accidentally discovered by a British Army Officer while he was hunting in 1819. According to Archaeological Survey of India Ajantha and Ellora Caves are protected Monument sites and also included in World Heritage List of Monuments.

Visiting Hours of Ajantha and Ellora Caves:

We can visit the caves from 9 AM to 5:30 PM everyday and on Tuesdays were Closed. The caves were kept Open on all National Holidays. The Entry Fees is 50 For Indians and 500 for Foreigners. Free Entry for Children below 15 years. We can take the photography and videos for Free of cost.

Ajantha and Ellora Caves are the Finest part of Indian Heritage and Sculpture. About 8 to 9 hours Journey from Mumbai we can Visit the caves. Every year some thousands of people visit the caves. Let us have a look on these Interesting facts and see their Origins.

Ajantha Caves:

The Caves are 29 rock cut Buddhist Cave monuments from 2nd Century BCE to 480 CE.

  • In the caves of ajantha have five chaityas, basically they are called Prayer halls.
  • Other than these five caves remaining are called Viharas it is a monasteries residents.
  • Some portion of 15th cave and Caves of 8,9,10,12,13 are early Buddhist monks caves.
  • Historians and archaeologists scriptures that these caves were belonged to vakataka dynasty after a long study of artifacts.
  • During the period of King Harisena the emperor of vakataka dynasty 20 Caves were built but not taken any proper techniques to protect.
  • Once you get into the Caves you can see the depicting pictures of Gautama Buddha and also Illusion pictures of Jataka Tales.

The following picture Clearly pictures the Greatness of Ajantha Caves

Ellora Caves:

  • In Cave 16 of Ellora Caves kailasa Temple is Located which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, One of the largest Monolithic rock cut Temple in the World.
  • The Ellora is a Combination of 32 Caves.
  • It consists of 12 Buddhists Caves, 15 Hindu Caves, 5 Jain Caves.
  • In Ellora caves Cave 15 is Known for cave Dashavathara, popularly Depicting ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu.
  • The Jain Caves which is located at Ellora belongs to 9th and 10th centuries of digambara Sector.
  • In Jain Temples we can have a glimpse of their culture on the walls and pillars which attracts tourists.

7 Interesting Facts about Kailasa Temple In Ellora:

  1. It is worlds largest Monolithic structure.
  2. Kailasa Temple is carved From Top to Bottom.
  3. The time taken to built the temple is only 18 years.
  4. The temple clearly represents Mount Kailash.
  5. It is Larger in area when compared with Parthenon in Greece.
  6. Kailasa Temple cannot be Destroyed.
  7. Complicated sculptures and paintings ever seen.


Ajantha and Ellora Caves has become most popular tourists destinations in Maharashtra. It is our spiritual and Cultural sculptural asset which we got from our ancestors. Our Government is also trying to develop the place and increase tourism in India thereby generating Income.Lastly we can say that most beautiful attraction on the earth everyone must visit.

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