Best 15 Things You Can Do During Lock Down| Activities To List Out During Lock Down:

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What all things we can do in our Home During Quarantine. Being in Lock down does not mean you are bored. When life gives you a Lemon Prepare Lemonade. Still there is a 20 days of Lock down, take all these days as an opportunity to build your own skills, Ideas, talents and try to explore your hobbies.

Time Once Gone, Cannot be Regained.

Time is Precious has created some Interesting, Fun and Productive Activities to be indulged in, They are:

1.Let Creativity Flow in you:

Lock Down is the Best time to Cherish all your Creativity. Try to learn a Dance or develop your Singing Skills, If interested take Karate Classes in Home itself. Now a days there are many you tube channels to learn many things based on our interest. Everyone Will have there own self Interest, Try to Concentrate on that and achieve your success. In this Imperfect World one must have their own Creative Knowledge to sustain Happily.

2. Give your House a New Look:

We are very much Bored of Seeing the same old seating and Dining arrangements. I think this is the Best time to give your home a new Fabulous Look. Change your curtains, sofas, and Chairs and try to give a new Combination so that it looks very New. Have You Ever Tried This. I will be always doing this in my Free Time.

3.Find a Book Worm in You:

One needs to find a Good Book to read. Research says that reading Books will keeps you Smarter and More Knowledgeable. Through the book we can able to enhance the knowledge of Society, People, History and Culture.

4.Build a new body:

If you Practice a activity for 3 Weeks it will Definitely become an Hobby. If you are looking for fitness try for Yoga Classes and do meditation for Relaxation. Many yoga and Fitness centers Offers Online Classes now a days. This is the time to utilize best of these activities.

5.Do an Online Course:

Many Online courses available to develop skills. Almost all reputed companies offers a free Online Courses. we can utilize the best in this Peak time. There are some sites like Udemy, Coursera, Skill share which provides Online Courses for free of Cost.

6.Connect with Past Memories:

Best time to recollect all your Memories back. Going through old photo albums, and talking about them will bring a great joy for everyone. Just simply sit and travel to your childhood which brings smile and fun at home.

7.Plan your next Vacation:

What will be the better time to think of to the places you have to travel. Make a list and start working on it. Start planning on those where we have to go, what we have to see and to take lunch etc. In this situation Few People are very lucky because, they can even earn from home. So, Why cant you calculate saved money and plan for holiday trip.

8.Start a Blog:

Writing a article is a productive work during Lock down. In my sense you can never go wrong in Writing a Blog. It is an opportunity to try something new, and is the best platform to all Creators.

9. Do Some Gardening:

At this point of Lock down one may be fed up by spending all the time indoors. Gardening is one of the best hobby to work on. We should concentrate more on the trees at least even after this pathetic Condition. Otherwise survival of Human is Impossible. So, Go work on it

10.Watch a film:

Because of our busy schedule one may postponed many beautiful films, or they may not be seen . This is the best possible time to cover all those films. I Would like to suggest to go for Older films which have some story and Meaning. There are many sites which Provides films like you tube, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

11.Cook Something New:

Cooking is One of the Trending hobby we can see now a days. Try for a new recipes. there are many Mouth watering videos on You tube. One good thing about being home a lot is that you can finally spend time cooking things and enjoy it with your Family.

12.Can Work as a Volunteer:

In this Crucial Situation your help is Definitely needed to Old and poor people. So, You can actively participate in the social activities.

Service To Mankind, Is Service To God

A beautiful Quote

13.Learn a Language:

Have you ever tried to speak of any Foreign Language, there are many Online courses and classes to deal with it. Everyone will have there own dream language to speak about. So, Try out this wonderful activity which is productive.

14. Play Indoor Games:

In this Busy World we might have forgotten to play both outdoor and indoor games. So , this is the chance to play all those Games like Caroms, Chess, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Uno and many Interesting Games which you may like.

15.Try Bird Watching :

Nature is taking back all the people and cities in this lock down. From this tragedy we must learn that not only human beings , but also other organisms and animals have the same level of equality to live on this earth, If you have seen we can able to feel the difference in our atmosphere. Many new birds were enjoying nature.


In this free time we must be able to Utilize the best of out it. Try out all the activities listed above so that you may not feel bored. Always search happiness in you and make interesting things you love.

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  1. Thank u for the information. It will help to improve others themselves. But in those I’m already doing 12th one . Great job daku. Please dont stop this at middle.

  2. Best suggestions in lockdown it is very good and following this helps to not to get lazy in lockdown thanks for good article

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