Civil Engineering – Importance in shaping the world – Challenges they face:

Civil engineering -helping wives
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If you are Civil engineer everyday is a adventure. It is the work that civil engineers do to develop and improve the services of people. For a large variety of things we definitely depend on civil engineering. A different set of skills has to be developed by civil engineers. All the skills and talents that they acquired over a very long time in engineering school.

Civil engineer -helping wives
Civil engineer

Is Civil engineering important:

Yes, of course Civil engineering is a part of our lives. To understand better what a civil engineers do, you need to think about what all you do from the early morning.

You wash your face with running water in bathroom. Later you may have a cup of tea or coffee. You travel to work on a finely constructed roads or trains. you may park your car. You will be walking through an under pass or on a bridge Finally settling to your work place. None of this would have been possible with out civil engineers.

What all things civil engineers do, They design and build bridges, roads, railways and tunnels. They design a tall structures and large buildings and also Olympic stadium. With out civil engineers the world we live is completely unrecognizable.

Scientists explore what is, Engineers create what has never been

to think about

Who can take up Civil engineering: has provided some of the qualities to be possessed to become a civil engineer.

  1. Do you get good grades in maths and sciences?
  2. Are you fascinated to enjoy new things?
  3. Can you express yourself easily and clearly?
  4. Are you able to mingle with each other?
  5. Do you often make good decisions and do people have faith and trust your judgement?
  6. Technical skills must be Aware, must have skills in working with maps, drawings and models.
  7. Future forecasting analysis is also required and should able to analyse and predict any future problems and find solutions.
  8. Communication skills must capable of listening to other ideas in a team and work accordingly.
  9. Project management skills is a must and one make sure that they work with in set budget and time frames and constraints.
  10. In one look civil engineer should be very hard working and

Role and Importance of Civil Engineering:

Civil engineer is one who designs and maintains the work of public utilities. Civil engineers gives guidelines regarding the execution of construction work to be carried out. They help in proper management of material, labor and equipment. They also work to solve different engineering problems with the help o field experience, laboratory techniques, using computer and information technology. The main role of civil engineers is to make better management of Man, Material, Machines and Money (MMMM). they are responsible to carry out soil investigations for the design of foundation of structures. They play a key role in valuation of land or building for the purpose of finding its sale or purchase price. Civil engineer needs to work even for welfare of the people.

The best creator next to God is Civil engineer

Adarsh kumar GS

Challenges or problems of Civil engineers:

Civil Engineering is one of the worlds oldest professions, but no less today. They meet challenges of a new century eventually to make more sustainable. If you are civil engineer a number of professional challenges must be faced.

Major problems a Civil engineer need to face are:

  1. Health and safety problems
  2. Environmental problems
  3. Contractual disputes
  4. Government regulatory compliance

In addition to above you must be mentally prepared for:

  • To face all climate and weather with out complaining.
  • Long working hours 12-14 hours a day.
  • To deal with all types of people.
  • A seven day working job (no holidays)
  • No female co-workers, you will hardly find a female co-worker. This is a male domination profession.
  • No AC’s no room coolers, you need to work outside temperature what ever may be.
  • It is a very scary profession where the safety is less ( Only brave ones takes up).
  • Standing and supervising for a long time.
  • Salaries are not adequate. They give promotions and make you a chief engineer or senior manager.
  • Many things happen between design and construction you have to look after it.
  • Materials specified no longer be available.
  • The major supplier may not come due to some reason.
  • Delay in any construction materials leads to delay in project time.
  • If you are a site in charge then you are responsible for everything and every one deeds.


Engineers are by definition, problem solvers and innovators. Engineering is essentially that field which seeks to find concrete solutions to a variety of of problems. The only thing which going to help you out at the construction site is your zeal, passion and dedication. This is not a very easy job you should know how to work under pressure and how to deal with pressure.

Buildings will be engineers legacy, they speak for engineers, long after they gone.

Civil engineering = Challenge everything

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