How to earn money on Youtube | The ultimate guide to make money on Youtube:

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Youtube is a well known term for everyone, even small kid operates it. Youtube stars are famous celebrities now a days. It is an open platform where we can present our talent and creativity. The money will not happen on the first day of starting of your youtube channel. It is a slow process but can earn much.

Dream big Start small Act now

Always dream high

Steps to start earning money from youtube:

  1. Create a youtube channel
  2. Find niche for youtube
  3. Develop content strategies for youtube videos
  4. Link your youtube channel to Ad sense
  5. Use best tools for videos
  6. Monetize youtube videos
Youtube  earning -helping wives
Earning money on youtube

1. Create a youtube channel:

You can just start your youtube channel by logging in to your gmail account. To create a channel follow the steps given below:

  • Open with your gmail account.
  • Click on the youtube logo from left corner of the bar.
  • Click on my channels in the drop down menu
  • A box naming set up your channel on you tube will be displayed.
  • Give necessary personal information and update the channel.


Please try to create a custom youtube URL, instead of default youtube URL to get more search visibility.

To get customer URL eligibility We must possess following:

  1. Channel must possess 100 or more subscribers
  2. Channel must be of 30 days old
  3. we should have an uploaded photo as a channel icon
  4. Must have uploaded channel art

2. Find niche for You tube:

Finding niche to your youtube channel is one of the challenging tasks. Determining niche to channel is all related to your hobby or a passion of work.


  • You are capable of singing ? Let people know that you can sing.
  • when you teach some one and they understand it better, Lets try to teach to whole world.
  • you have a love towards your pets, try to exhibit to people or try to make laugh videos on pets.
  • If you are sleeping too much try to tell the world and what is your secret for sleep.
  • Do you have beauty sense, do you know about all beauty products in the market? then what are you waiting for, Many people were eagerly waiting for it.

I am very serious that we can make money from youtube by anything you can love to do.

Means to earn on youtube:

  1. Earn money by story telling on youtube.
  2. Make money by doing comedy or mimicry on youtube.
  3. Home makers can share their day to day recipes on youtube.
  4. Try to give lecture or teach on youtube.
  5. Earn money by interviewing people.
  6. Make your profession a youtube sensation in no time.

Your interest+ Knowledge on particular content+ audience availability+ Scope of network = Create your youtube channel

3. Develop Content Strategies for YouTube videos:

If any video goes viral it is stunning. But the problem is how to make a video viral. There is no exact definition of virility because, definition and meaning of virility may be changing day to day depending up on the requirements of people. A good Content always rules the market.

Content is the king of viral Kingdom

Make content videos
Content marketing- Helping wives
Content marketing

4. Link your youtube channel to ad sense:

To link your youtube channel to ad sense account follow below steps:

  • First of all login to and click on my channel as prescribed earlier.
  • Click on the “Video manager” Which is just below the search box.
  • On the left side a navigation menu will appears, Click on “Channel”.
  • In the feature monetization click on “Enable” button.
  • Click on all the boxes after reading the terms and conditions and Click on “I accept”.
  • Under channel heading monetization will be added and program gets activated.
  • Now click on this Monetization option. If a window on right side appears with Monetization as heading, click on ‘How I will be paid?’.- Associate ad sense account
  • Click on the next below, You can either sign in with your existing Gmail account or can create a new one 
  • Type all your information and click on continue.
  • you will be asked to verify your mobile number, verify it.
  • Later you will get a message that

Congratulations your adsense application have been submitted

5. Use best tools for videos:

Mobile is the ultimate tool to record a video. But the thing is if you want to record a good featured video you need to buy a webcam. During your beginning days mobile is best and once you start earning money try to shift for better quality source. There are some tools for free which every youtuber must use.

  • Google keyword planner
  • Ever note
  • Text to speech app
  • Tude buddy
  • Social media campaign
  • Analytics
  • Picture editing tool

6.Monetizing youtube videos:

On the basis of your content itself promotion starts. People have the tendency to share a videos of liked one to their loved ones and the chain continues. so video should be very attractive to grab the attention. The ultimate way to earn money through youtube is by advertisement. It is playing a major role in bringing money to many youtubers. The advertising company offers you a fixed amount for their collaboration with your youtube channel on the basis of working of channel and its capacity.

Dont try to put your videos only on youtube, try out a blog by starting a website. Social media platforms are better to grab the attention.

You never get bored with youtube. Try out now

Get inspired


Earning money from online at home is not at all a difficult tasks when the internet is overloaded with full stuff. All you need is strong determination and a perfect skill to enhance capabilities. In projecting a video try to tell what are you going to do in next episode, so that audience may tune up to your channel simultaneously get more subscribers. Youtube, only you bring out the best in me.

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