Extra ordinary story of 4 Women and 1 Man | Who is more important mother or wife:

4 women 1 man -helping wives
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Man alone cannot survive in this world so, god created these 4 women in his life to take care of him. For a successful marriage love alone is not enough. It almost requires some compromise, sacrifices to maintain it. Some man are of opinion that their parents are always right. Remember one thing they are also human beings and can do mistakes. So, don’t blindly follow any one. To all the husbands in the world, no doubt your mother is part of you. She bought you up and made sacrifices for you. She might have given what all you want.

Who are these four women:

  • Mother
  • Wife
  • Sister
  • Daughter


Love at first sight is true, because my mom loves me unconditionally as soon as i was born. Even a big poets cannot portrait about mothers love. It is just a great thing than anything else. Mother is just a backbone and power of strength in one’s life. Our life is in complete with out her. Mother is not just a word but entire universe is with in her. But her role will be only to some extent say up to marriage of her son. Later on her role should be very minimal. After marriage she should not interfere in the sons personal life.

Mother - Son - Helping wives
Mother and son


Mother cannot become a wife, but surely wife can become a mother. Perhaps for a wife, husband is a first child to take care of. In fact wife knows more than a mother about a man. we cannot specify who is great. But both should be two eyes for a man. A wife is more significant. A mother has usually filled all her duties for now she needs some rest and let make your wife lead all the duties. You cant share everything to your mother but you can share to your soulmate. You cant go romantic dinners, adventures with parents but can do with wife. It is necessary that you need to spend a lot of time with your wife, to build a powerful relationship for future. Your mother should give that space which most of Indian mothers ignore, always fighting with daughter in laws regarding their sons.

Wife husband -helping wives
Wife and husband
Three reasons why a man should love more wife than mother:
  1. She left home and their family for sake of you.
  2. Though it is not a blood relation she lives for you and sacrifices for you.
  3. She will be with you until last breath.

Mother Vs Wife : Whose love is great:

Here in this concept love is great that’s all. If it is your mother it is great, but your wife it is not great. How can you determine that. Today’s wife is tomorrows mother. A mother may always have fear of losing her son. But wife, will face pressure to prove herself in front of her husband. Here both the ladies are equally important. While mother gives life and brings him up and wife is caring, connecting and standing against all the odds through out life. Mother is one who brings up in to world. She should be respected by her kids. Wife is one who cares and shares in life of husband. They both together go through ups and downs in life. Both relationships are very important for a man. It is responsibility of a man to neutralize balance between them.

Many people fail to understand this fact.

Now the question is who comes first:

Very casually speaking first a person becomes your wife. Later the mother of your children. So, here matter ends. If your spouse is not first priority in life, probably you have not married the right person. Before a marriage a man’s first priority should be his mother. After marriage first priority should be his wife. In fact this truth should be told to his son by a mother. In a man’s life one lady played a crucial role in past and another lady is going to take his responsibilities in the future. You cant ignore both.


Sisters are called as second mothers in a persons life. There presence is definitely a boon to their brothers. Her role is also crucial in a mans life. In fact many things can be shared to a sister which we cannot share to parents. They can be like a true best friends. Sister is some one who catch you when you fall and encourage you, and a shoulder to weep on, and some one to laugh with.

Brother and sisteer -helping wives
Brother and sister


Daughters are angels to their fathers. Do you know one thing, when parents are old, daughters become more responsible than sons. The aspect of responsibility never dies in daughters. When compared to sons, daughters are more capable of understanding and have much patience.

Father daughter  -helping wives
Father and daughter

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It is duty and responsibility of a man to manage and neutralize between mother and wife. Otherwise he may be termed as a failure in family issues. One thing to be keep in mind that if you satisfy your mother 100% then you need to satisfy your wife 110%.

  • Can we avoid sun if there is moon ?
  • Can we avoid water if there is air?

Similarly we cant ignore wife if there is a mother.
Every one has there own value and respect in this universe. Know their value and treat with honor and respect with out loosing.

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