How to Create A blog and make money blogging in 2020- An ultimate guide:

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Introduction To A Blog:

Firstly Let us Understand What is A Blog. A Blog Is Nothing But a Online Journal Or Informative Website in a Date wise Order. It is just a Piece Of Information Where A Writer Or Group of Writers share their opinions and Views on Particular Subject. In this Article let us Know Step by Step Process On How To Create a Blog and How To Make money Blogging . In this Particular Blog I will also provides Entire Guide of How to Start To handle Technical Issues before started. I think I Can Do My Best In Providing you A right way In Building a Passive Income Business Around Blogging.

In this Blog, Let Us mainly focus on Some Contents. Let us Try to understand these Points Very keenly;

  1. Why To Start Blogging Mainly in 2020
  2. Types Of Blogs in 2020
  3. What Are Best Blogging Platforms
  4. Purchasing Your Website Domain
  5. Purchasing Your Hosting Plan
  6. Trying To Optimize Your Blog For SEO
  7. Make Money Blogging

1. Why To Start Blogging Mainly In 2020:

In this particular Section I Will Speak About Significance of Statistics In Blogging. I Will Prove You a Blogging is a Profitable Business and Writing a Blog in 2020 is merely a Great Challenge and also a Best Decision. Blogging is One of the Best Ways to Start Your Online Business Too.

Blogging statistics in 2020:

  • The People Who tend to Blog Everyday has been Increased in USA is expected to grow some 31.7 Millions in 2020.
  • 440 millions of Blogs has been Registered on tumblr.
  • 60 Million Blogs on Word Press.
  • Every Month , Nearly $09 Million People view more or less 20 billion pages.
  • Word Press Publishes 70 million Posts every Month.
  • Companies who Blog get 97% more links to their websites.
  • 53% of Marketers tells Blogging is their First and Top most Priority to boost up their Strategies.

Earn While You Learn

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Does Blogging Still Worth in 2020?:

The Answer To above is Absolutely Yes. How can we tell no By seeing all blogging Statistics. 50% of the bloggers is ruled and maintained by marketers. These Marketers Often Says Blogging Is their number one Platform to Attract More traffic to their business.

Blogging -helping wives

2. Types of Blogs in 2020:

As we all know the significance of Blogging by going through Statistics, Now is the time to Recognise the types of blogs and loop that each blog gets. It means let us See the Traffic for blogs

Let us See

  • 13 Best Blog Types
  • How to Decide On Your Blog Type

13 best Blog Types are:

  • Travel Blogs
  • Fitness Blogs
  • Sports Blogs
  • Finance Blogs
  • Political Blogs
  • Parenting Blogs
  • Business Blogs
  • Personal Blogs
  • Movie Blogs
  • Car Blogs
  • News Blogs
  • Pet Blogs
  • Gaming Blogs

How Can You Decide Your Own Blog type:

Deciding Your Own Blog is the First Successful Step in 2020. Many Bloggers like who are new decide to Blog On Profitable ones. But it is very hard to see results as they dont have any proper idea about the subject they were blogging on. Based on two things take a right decisionn

  • Try to Blog on The Things You Were Passionate About.
  • Try to Blog On The Things You Have Some Knowledge.
Deciding blog -helping wives
Deciding your own blog

3. What are Best Blogging Platforms:

I think Up to Now You have Clear Idea of What is Blog And How To Create and Types of Blogs And How to decide Own Blog. It is the Time To Focus on Best Blogging Platforms. Let us See

  • Best Free Blogging Platforms
  • Best Paid Blogging Platforms

There are many Blogging Platforms From which you can Adopt one. So that after reading pros and cons of Each one , It will be easy for you to start a successful Blog.

What is Blogging Platform:

Blogging Platform is Nothing But a Content Management System (CMS). It has a Dash Board For a Blogger with many Tools Inside so that Blogger can use these tools in Editing a blog.

Best Free Blogging Platforms are:

  • Blogger
  • Medium
  • Tumblr
  • Jimdo
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Best paid Blogging Platforms are:

  • Wix
  • Typepad
  • Ghost
  • Squarespace
  • Gator by Hostgator

4. Purchasing Your Website Domain:

Your Next step is to Purchase Your website Domain. I would recommend this step for all Bloggers to work Great. What ever may be your Blogging platform, you should must Purchase a domain for your Blog.Here are the List of Best Domain Registers 2020.


Cheapest Domain Register in 2020 is Godaddy

5. Purchasing Your hosting Plan:

The service that allows Individuals to Post a Website or web page on the net is called web hosting. Websites are specially hosted and Stored on Special Computers called Servers. When the user of Internet wants to visit your Website, all they need is to type Website address or domain in to their browser. Their computers will Connect to your server and your website and web pages will be seen through the Browser. Below are List of Hosting Websites


6. Trying To Optimize Your Blog For SEO:

To Make it Very simple I would like to divide SEO into Two Sections

  • Internal SEO
  • External SEO

Internal SEO or On Page SEO Optimization:

  • How To Target The BEST Keywords
  • What is the way to Find Most Demanded Words (Keywords)
  • How To Boost Your Page Speed
  • Free SEO tools

External SEO or Off Page SEO Optimization:

  • Links with Keyword in the Anchor Text.
  • Varying Keyword Text with links
  • Links From High Page Rank Sites

7. Make Money Blogging:

Once Every thing is ready and Created Your Blog, It is to be Used to Earn Money. If there is no Traffic to Your Blog It will be Very Difficult in the Beginning, So one must be Very Cautious about Quality of Content in a Blog. It Is Said that

The more precious information you may write the more you earn.

Earning money -helping wives
earning money

Here are the Ways to Earn Money

  • Try to Optimize your Blogs For Google Ad sense
  • Try to Make Money Affiliate Marketing


What are You Looking For.

Try to Make Blogs With all Your Passion and Earn Simultaneously. I think the above little Furnished Information Can Guide You How To Make Blogs. Step Up Today to Write All your Views and Opinions and thoughts on a Piece of Article. Earn While You Learn New things.

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