How to deal with jealous people | How not to be jealous – Root cause for jealous:

Jealous people -helping wives
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No one in the world is perfect human being. If you are perfect then you are not a human being you are something more than that not even a god. In each and every phase we see haters and jealous people. Life is full of haters jealousy and two side faced one. An enemy is far better than close companion who ruin our life. We can’t maintain a flow in society if there are many jealous and hatred people who create rumours and criticize us and make down fall of us.

Green eyed - Helping wives
Green eyed – Jealous people

When some one feels that they are inferior or slighted they frequently express their feelings in form of hatred and jealous. Mainly jealous is caused because of ones success.

In this particular blog let us be very clear with 2 aspects:

  • How to deal with jealous people
  • How to avoid jealous in you

How to deal with jealous people:

1. Don’t take the words of jealous people so personally:

Always keep in mind that when a person is jealous of you it has nothing to do with you. Be strong in yourself. Don’t give much space to jealous people in your life. They always see a problem for every solution and create a doubt in you. What ever you feel good do it. Don’t give others to stop doing in you. In simple don’t mind them, instead focus on people who always support you.

2. Set boundaries while dealing with jealous people:

If you feel like you dont want to talk with jealous people set a time limit. Fix mental time limit. While talking to them be very careful and give a pause in speaking. Try to change your behaviour in talking with them. First of all you please dont encourage negativity.

3. Jealousy is sometimes good:

People are always busy or happy in speaking about you and they make you famous. What ever the person think of you is not your destination. It is very helpful ans also reveals your further step. If you dont feel jealous you wont achieve anything in life. But jealous should be healthy jealous which should not reach to peaks and ruin self. So, make a positive hope and bounce as faster as you can by seeing jealous people.

A healthy jealousy is always recommended in a relationship

Helping wives

How to avoid jealous in you:

It is very common thing that you feel jealous when you are in relationship. Approach politely some one who is more jealous of you. Talk to them directly and openly for better results.

Root cause of jealousy:

  • Lack of trust
  • Because of your success
  • When some one feels inferior
  • When you were not satisfied
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • What others have, which you not have
  • Because of pride
  • Fear of loosing some one
  • Being dependent
  • Insecurity also cause jealous

1. Show of your jealousy in soft way:

Try to speak to some one in a matured way. If you notice that some one is doing a thing which is making you jealous expose them or communicate them in a humorous way. Dont prolong and make situation worsened. Jealousy is a disease which we need to show pity on such people, rather than taking revenge.

No hate - helping wives
No hate

2. Try to heal your previous wounds in relationship:

People may be probably jealous because of previous bad situations happened with you. They might be cheated and you might be hurt and vice versa. Understand the roots that you bothered about and reasons where and why jealousy took place and try to heal from there. Make a continuous efforts to heal your old wounds and be silent that your past does not affect your present and future.

3. Pen down what you feel:

Before taking any action pen down all you may feel. So that it gives clarity and next initiation step to take further step regarding jealous people. If it is your mistake try to apologize them. If it is theirs tell them in a smooth manner. If they listen OK, Otherwise leave their company. It is good both for you and for them.

Jealousy is a disease, which we need to cure soon

Prevention is better than cure

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Some people feel jealous of you because of the way other people admire you. Avoid getting associate with jealous people to maximum extent. Stay away from negative people by maintaining physical distancing. Don’t reveal your next goals and plans to them. They try to demotivate you and give up on your goals. Before gossiping about others think twice or thrice to make situation end up peacefully.

avoid jealousy -helping wives
Things to do to avoid jealousy

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