How to make money on Instagram – Earning money on Instagram:

Instagram money -helping wives
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For past few years Instagram has fastly gained a millions of active users. Instagram has developed from a simple photo app to marketing tool which is so powerful. 60% of people use Instagram pp to discover new products according to Instagram business. 80% of them follow at least one brand. 200 million accounts check out a business profile in each day. 66% of people profile visits are from non followers. Like Facebook, google Instagram is also a platform where potential customers can be seen. It is a place where selling products that photograph well.

You have heard the stories of some Instagrammers who are making cash on the pictures they snap and share every day. Instagram is a disruptive e-commerce force, It has reached to 1 billion monthly active users.

Can you make money on Instagram:

Yes, you can surely make money on Instagram. On the basis of your unique brand of Instagram content, your targeted audience and level of commitment you definitely can make money on Instagram in following ways. The beauty in this is chasing one revenue stream does not necessarily rule out another.

Instagram -helping wives
Making money on instagram

1. Become an influencer:

An influencer is some one who has built a reputation by doing and sharing things online. They might have good following and can able to convince their audiences. In other words they build their own reputation on the platform. Top influencers makes thousands of dollars per post. A post of a typical influencer includes the innovation of new content such as instagram post and instagram story. Basically any products that makes a good image will do well on Instagram such as

  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Health/ Fitness
  • Cooking

2. Make money on Instagram by becoming an affiliate:

You can become an affiliate for different brands and receive a commission on what you sell. Affiliate links on Instagram are often seen as a tractable link or promo code. The main difference between influencer and an affiliate is that an affiliate is working towards making sales for a brand for commission. Influencer is mainly aiming to create awareness. Affiliate makes money on Instagram through a traceable link or promo code to make sure that any clicks are converted to sales.

3. Open a e-commerce store:

If you got anything to sell, Instagram can be a great way to advertise your products. Instagram offers a better tools to make direct sales. You can do this for just any type of product from clothes to teacher supplies. To turn your insta account in to a store front, you need to complete following steps

  • Convert your personal profile to a business profile
  • Create your product catalog
  • Get your business profile approved

4. Showcase all your Freelance services:

Do you have any free lance services skills and talents, this is the place to project. Writers can also make Instagram work for them. Sites like Canva let you create shareable posts while Canva has a premium version you can do a lot with free account.

5. Teach others about Instagram marketing:

If you are an established Instagram influencer with good following try to teach aspiring influencers how to achieve their Instagram marketing dreams. Many known and successful influencers have launched side businesses that offer webinars and tutorials to people who want to grow their Instagram following or transform their profile in to a business. You can create pre recorded webinars with you tube or tools like ever webinar. Some influences also charge higher fees for live or personalized training sessions.

Try to make money, use the money to make more money, Repeat the same

Helping wives

6. Write captions for businesses:

In this globalized world , brands of all sizes want to use this platform to promote their products and services and 92% of small businesses plan to invest more time and effort in social media marketing. Thus they often find a creative specialists who write captions for their businesses at a low cost. Take a look at the most popular online workplaces like Freelancer and Up work, and you’ll find hundreds of offers.

7. Sell your photos:

Look for a platform where you can interact with the users who are in demand of best photographs for their commercial use. Take a photos, before posting them under your name start water marking them and always try to specify a description. This can generate some amount of money.

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Instagram is a valuable marketing tool that allows customers to experience brands in a new way. It is remarkable tool in building your brand, creating online presence and getting recognized. The best way is to keep up your photography unique based on your expertise and arts. Dont try to copy some ones, Now a days smart phones are neck to neck competitors to DSLR. What are you still looking for, set up your Instagram today and start building your businesses.

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