How to overcome fear while sleeping alone at night | Can’t get sleep alone – Try these things:

fear -helping wives
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In this world not everyone are blessed with a good mindful and peaceful sleep. sleeping is considered as precious time for relaxing your mind, so that it function accurately. sleeping is the best mantra which affects both your mental and physical health. There may be different reasons why we can’t sleep alone at night times. Dreams also plays very important role while sleeping. Some may get good and peaceful dreams. But some may experience worst dreams which is bad. Don’t you ever experienced whenever you fall asleep, your mind starts thinking and makes us unable to sleep. Also whenever you see any horror movies, you may remember the scenes during night when you were alone. It is tendency of human brain to work like that. If you cant stop thinking, sleeping becomes so hard.

Avoid fear when alone -helping wives
Avoid fear during night when you are alone

The common reason why people unable to sleep alone is fear which is called Somniphobia. People were afraid of that if they sleep some thing might happen like a nightmare. They always needs a company of others to feel relaxed or safe.

Understanding the fear of darkness:

Understanding darkness is very important and to be known because, we can’t sleep whenever light goes off, we may get different imaginations in our minds. Like someone is standing at the corner, some ones hand is coming up or someone is peeping etc. Some may hear some strange sounds also in alone. If you are facing all the challenges then there are certain ideas to heal your fear. provides certain techniques to overcome all fears during alone at night.

Even if you want to sleep, your brain wont stop talking itself. Human mind tendency.

Mind always works

1.Switch on lights while sleeping:

As darkness is the main factor of fear try to put on lights while sleeping at night. It gives you strength to sleep. There are some people that if lights are switched on they won’t get sleep. For them switch lights of beside room. But doing this positive energy will be generated in you. Don’t ask the question what if the power is gone at night when you are alone? It all depends on our mind and the situation. Always be strong.

2.Read books before you go to sleep:

Many of us won’t fall asleep as soon as we lie on bed. So, many ideas thoughts were rushing in our mind. At that time one may experience or get remember any horror scenes that they watched before and which causes fear and anxiety. So, lets shift our mind doing all this. Try reading some Interesting books or novels which you may like. This is also one of the ways we can avoid fear during night when you are alone.

Reading books -helping wives
Reading books

3.Talk with someone before you go to sleep:

If you talk with someone who you believe that they give courage. Talk to them for a while and then go to sleep. This surely boosts up your mindset and you may not feel alone at all. For every one there will be a person on whom faith and courage is seen, try to talk with your beloved ones before going to bed when you were alone.

4.Listen to music:

Music is best healing medicine for mind mentally. So, Listen to some melody songs which makes you fall asleep. When you listen to your favorite music, you will never been alone at all.

Listen music -helping wives
Listening music

5.Watch what can watch:

If you are more nervous and are afraid of each and everything, try to limit seeing of scary scenes in movies. Try watching out something happy ones which your mind tells. It is recommended to turn off all electronic devices before 1 hour of going to bed because all our devices emit blue light that makes our brains into thinking it is day time and works accordingly. Try to avoid scary, horror, suspense thriller movies if you unable to cope up with challenges.

6.Through therapy resolve deeper issues:

Theraphy is better way to resolve deeper issues of anxiety emotions, and fear. If you are likely to have anxiety disorder theraphy is best ways to feel better.

7. Think positive:

As soon as you get on bed, think of only positive thoughts which makes you calm and happy. It is very popular theme. A positive thinking at night when you are alone gives confidence to boost up. It avoids developing of hypertension, emotions, anxiety, stress when you were alone at home during night etc

Practice good sleep hygiene:

Some important points to overcome fear while sleeping alone at night

  1. Go to bed, at sametime every day and try to wake up sametime.
  2. Avoid drinking coffee or tea before 4-5 hours of sleeping.
  3. Try not to sleep at day time.
  4. Always maintain your bedroom environment cool and pleasant.
  5. If you unable to sleep, get up do some boring work, ultimately you get sleep.

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Last words:

Sleeping is the best medicine in the world. It avoids many health issues. So don’t panic unnecessarily and waste your time in fearing. Always try to be strong when you were alone it determines your strength. We cannot avoid fear of death, no one knows when it comes. If it comes to you no one can change or avoid. So, don’t unnecessarily scare or fear for small and silly things. Instead develop a strong determination. It must come from with in you. Leave all your miseries and problems before you go to bed.

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  1. Thanks for this article. Since my childhood I am afraid of darkness and can’t sleep alone even now. This article may help me to some extent

  2. Nice article my frnd
    I’m very very good wen it’s for sleeping
    I got a gift from God that,
    I can sleep with in seconds. 😴😂

  3. Nice article with best remedies for good sleeping. Physical exercise is one of the best remedies for good sleeping.

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