Is Digital addiction a real danger to kids | Children addiction to technology:

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Oh My God, Technology addiction is really a burning issue today. Children are better likely to live up to what you can able to believe of them. Childhood is the one of the most fun and memorable time in everyone life. It is only stage where we can enjoy in what ever way we like. In addition to this it is also precious times that shapes up and moulds the future. It is said that, it is golden period where young minds are very smart and easily get attached to everything.

Digital addiction -helping wives
Digital addiction

Importance of Childhood:

For children, it does not know the importance of childhood, but if we ask for grown up or adults they will definitely highlights the importance. It is the stage where we can easily remodel children’s mindset. Children are like buds, they care for everything equally. We can tell that childhood is the time that makes our adulthood special. Children learn from their elders or by making some mistakes.

If we cant bend a stem, How can we bend a tree?

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Role of parents of a kid In getting addicted to technology:

In my sense, It is responsibility of parents in building up a children characters. Let me be more clear:

Babies learn to recognize words, and can able to think in the mothers womb itself. So, we can tell that the nurturing should begin in the very crucial stage itself in shaping younger minds. So if you are carrying, you need to follow proper rules because the impact will be on kids definitely. It is not a Myth, it is a proven science. A pregnant woman should be free from technology. It is good for both physical and mental health of babies. One and only one who are spoiling their kids by technology is Parents. We cant blame children for parents deeds. Now a days kids were hyperactive, If we nurture and mould the activeness in any field of their love they will be successful. But, we parents in order to control their hyper activism we are just giving mobiles to the pity creatures.

Can we avoid technology:

Meanwhile we cant ignore technology, we must balance both technology and life of child. Technology doesn’t have to be toxic; it can actually strength your family bond. In a survey conducted by Microsoft 64% of parents says that technology connects their family. Children must learn and know technology and all updations. But the question is up to what extent? Kids must be exposed to all otherwise they will be at back end.

How can we solve this:

There is much difference between reliance on technology and getting addicted to technology. If you think your child is of latter category you should address your kid very soon.

Helping creates some preventive measures to avoid technology:

1. Create tech free zones or screen time:

Tech free zones means parents must follow some technology free zones. It means they should not use technology for a while, as children are great imitators of parents. They will surely follow. Screen time is nothing but amount of time spent on TV, mobile, desktops etc. It should also to be limited. Establish certain guidelines for your tech free zones. Decide what kind of activities you want to do during tech free zone. Create your own place in a house of tech free zone. Before entering it drop all your electronic gadgets outside.

2. Equal time for playing outdoors:

Try to make a schedule at least for an hour in spending outside, riding bikes, skating, swimming, football and playing with friends. It is very important for a kids. It will definitely benefit him in two aspects one is he gets exercise and other is by mingling with other socialize.

3. Make your kid a book lover:

Make a challenge yourself in reading a good books. Reading a book is right medicine for your kids. Dont be surprised that your child’s next prescription takes you to a local library instead of pharmacy. Always indulge your kids in reading interesting stories books.

Look beyond toys and videos. A better brain booster is a good book.

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The more you are away from useless technology, the more intelligent you become. Stay Strong Champ


4. Be a role model to your kids:

Parents must be a role model to their children. So, if you are expecting something from kids, first it should come from you. From early childhood of life we must inculcate certain habits such as

  • Make them healthy living, when they eat properly and exercise regularly, obesity can be avoided.
  • We must make our children to learn something new daily. This teaches children to never stop growing.
  • Try to open up your life and share all past experiences when it is appropriate. Try to showcase all your mistakes and victories and boost them.
  • Be a walk the talk person. Try to be a man of integrity, honesty and values. So your child follows you ultimately. Actions speak volumes.

Well done is better than well said

Benjamin franklin

5. Tips and tricks by parents:

Parents must try out some tricks to avoid kids in technology. Now a days children are very smart. The tricks and tips may not work out for all. but check out once.

For example:

Apply black eye shadow on both eyes of kids while sleeping. After waking up and seeing in mirror kid will scream and cry. Then try to explain the reason that was because he used mobiles too much.

In this way some tricks may work. Sometimes does not.

Through the eyes of child, all things are possible.

just support them


In addition to above all, Parents need to keep thinking about digital dangers, and should enhance the way in moulding and bringing up a child. The main challenge for today’s parents is figuring out how to get a most from technology with out letting it get out of control. With the above furnished information we can limit technology to some extent in child’s life.

There are no seven wonders of world in eyes of child, but there are seven million wonders, ideas in their eyes. Parents dont spoil them. they are capable of building the world for you if you guide them in right way.

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  1. After watching this article, parents should take care and save their kids from digital addiction.

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