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Education is the biggest asset one can have. A person without Education is the body with out soul. In this liberalized world, there are many ways to get education through online. Education is just a learning process for individuals to attain some knowledge, with the gained knowledge to shape their behavior and manners with other individuals in the society. Previously the education is completely different.

Gurukul Education System:

In ancient India there were Gurukul education system. Gurukul was actually the home of teacher or Acharya and was the center of learning where pupils resided till their education got complete. In gurukul system of learning , it was very discipline in every activity attached to cleaning and washing behavior along with education. Gurukulam existed since vedic era. Their main intention is to develop a student knowledge with highly focused education. They used to train with meditations, yoga and other standards. In simple the guru used to teach his student all round development skills to sustain.

Benefits of Gurukul Education System:

  • Teacher student interaction is more when compared to present system.
  • Respect given to teachers is also very high
  • No pressure on students which helps them to concentrate on concepts clearly.
  • No cravings for ranks.
  • Practical sciences were taught.

Modern Education System:

Our education system produces only Followers but not leaders. Education system should be in order of L S R W ( Listening, speaking, Reading, writing). But it is totally different in a country like India. According to the change in the world we should be adopting to change. Otherwise we will fall back.

In essence, education has never stood still. Its revolution is best understood through the various periods. After British era, there was a tremendous and rapid change in Indian education system. There are still some unmistakable elements from past of Indian education today. A lot has changed over the centuries. It has moved beyond traditional teaching techniques. Technology has changed all sectors of economy, including education

There are some loop holes in modern educational system so there is a possibility of Online education. Some of loopholes are:

Loopholes in Modern education system:

  • Student ends up as a jack but master of none.
  • Little room for world class research.
  • Too many examinations.
  • Chalk and talk system of teaching

What is the next Alternative ?

An investment in knowledge, Pays best interest

e- learning - helping wives
E -learning education

Online Education system:

Online education  is a method of education institution that is delivered via the internet to all registered students using their home computers. The fact is, the education methods and materials, structures provided in online degree platforms are often the same as those provided for on-campus programs.

E- learning - helping wives
e -learning

4 Reasons why online courses are the future of education:

1. Online learning begins from preschool to college:

Some home schooling systems are replaced by online learning. Parents now can just relax and teacher on the screen teach the children. For example a child is very bad at a particular subject, say maths. There are lot of resources to help them. Presently there are lot of online courses for all levels of education. You can do your necessary courses and gets online certificates programs.

2. Online education brings flexibility to learning table:

Mostly children prefers screen to learn new things. In a live class you have to sit through the whole lesson which you may get bored. With online courses people can work at their own pace and at convenient times. This will give you focused time to spend with your family and concentrate on other things.

3. Unlimited number of students can be enrolled:

when compared to live classes more students can be enrolled in an online classes. In a school there are limited amount of seats for students to be enrolled. Online education is all about accessibility. It removes all physical barriers that prevent many people from fulfilling academics.

4. Online education is less expensive:

When compared with school going education, online education is very cheap. There is also chance to do as number of free courses through online. We all know the current education costs and we cant imagine. So, because of these people slowly tend to use online education.

5. Increased penetration of internet and smartphones:

Internet and smart phones are ruling the World. With the increased penetration of these technologies it is slowly shifting to online system of education. It is major factor which is driving growth in online education market in India. Due to high penetration, huge consumer base for e- learning companies has emerged.

Top 10 e-learning companies in India:

  • Byjus
  • Dexler education
  • NIIT
  • Educomp solutions
  • Edukart
  • Simplilearn
  • Zeus learning
  • Merit nation
  • Excel soft

Some Important points to be noted:

  • Over the past 2 decades the cost of education increased at 2X the level of inflation.
  • In future we may not able to spend money on education.
  • So, Online education can takes birth.


Automated robotic machines or systems is yet to be invented which can make students work. Apart from online learning there are some departments where still requires a live classroom set up. For example in medical field. At last i would like to conclude that in present world classroom is no longer refers to a physical location and students can learn from environment they are comfortable in. As there is ample growth and online learning has many benefits people shifts to the easy ways. I would encourage everyone to take at least one online course which benefits you simultaneously. Online education is a ocean to swim with in.

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