Milestones in every women’s life | Marriage is not a ultimate Milestone for a women, but Financial security is :

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Introduction to women:

In a cultural India parents tries to see to achieve all milestones in every girl life. As a girl, we will forget our self to congratulate in facing different milestones. Being a women is hard. We encounter several milestones to become only stronger and better as a women. We are living in a society where they narrate women that if you dont get married or have children by a certain age – You are failed. At each and every stage women’s life is accompanied by pain.

Helping has listed some of the milestones to be achieved in a women’s life.

Some women is afraid of fire but, some other dare women simply become fire and exhibit their talents.

Helping wives

1. Getting right to birth:

Every girl has a legal and moral right to be born. Getting birth itself is a biggest milestone in a girls life. But the question is up to what extent it is working. How many are winning at this stage . As a matter of fact maximum are losers. There is a famous saying that Women are women’s worst enemies. It suits very well in this contest.

Baby girl -helping wives
Baby girl-Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

2. Coming to age :

It can be stated as most uncomfortable milestones a girl face. Coming to age means, they were considered a child is transformed in to an adult in eyes of society. Now tell me can you bleed for 5 days continuously. Seriously a man cannot. Power has only with women.

3. Getting degrees education:

Right to education and for higher studies is also biggest issues in all girls lives. Especially poor and also certain sections of societies. Millions of girls miss out on school. A girl is not a piece of property. She is also child who deserves higher degrees.

4. Landing on job you really desire:

Every women dreams of something to do. They have their own aspirations and desires. May be a job to do or some may have to start a business what ever it is. It is also one of the milestones to be achieved. Women always have their different goals and passions when it comes to their work. Some tries to develop and nurture their creativity.

5. Getting married with right person:

Marriage is also one of the turning point in a women’s life.It is hard to know if you are marrying the right person or not. If right person comes in to life every day is colorful if not women’s life is abnormal and cannot imagine.

Whenever we talk about women marriage and motherhood is ranked first. But, what i am trying to tell is that Financial security is must and should be given for a women.

Financial security and Parenting:

Parenting is a life time job. But some parents feel that their duties and responsibilities ends once their daughters gets married. To say truth real responsibilities starts from here. Some parents think that she is some one else responsibility. I strongly believe that parents must provide financial security to their daughters to be independent and efficient.

Many studies show that women adopt an analytical approach more often than men. Women are the best financial managers, most of us have witnessed that our mother or grand mother allocating money to various expenses.

6. On carrying a baby:

It is not so easy to give birth to a baby. but you can feel worth of it. It is also a wonderful and awesome experience every women face. Let us discuss interesting concept regarding this. Body of human is capable of bearing only 45 DEL (unit) of pain. A women feels up to 57 DEL of pain while giving birth to baby which is equal to 20 bones fracturing at a time. We can tell that nature has given strength and capability to women. It is also again memorable milestone in women’s life.

Carrying a baby -helping wives
Carrying a baby – Image by rmt from Pixabay

7. Mother hood, having children:

Every women must go through this stage. It is wonderful moment of being a mother. Mother is most beautiful word on earth. We cant tell more about this just only feel motherhood. At this you may be given a word of perfect women in the society. Mother hood is an emotional bonding and most difficult jobs. It invokes new strength in yourself. It is another successful milestones of a women.

Motherhood -helping wives
Mother hood – Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

8. Menopause:

Menopause is also one of the phase in women’s life. This can be refereed to as the end of menstrual cycles. It is confirmed after you have gone 12 months with out a menstrual period. It happens usually at the age of 40’s or 50’s. Menopause is a natural biological process. For many women it can be a positive experience, but many have negative impact on their health.

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She always believed in she could do, so she has done

Women power

It is very difficult to be a women because a women must think like a male and act accordingly like a women and should work continuously like a horse with out any time gap. Apart from that women’s role is changed tremendously and they always been able to create a positive impression in the society. Proud to be a women.

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