Negative effects of Social Media Marketing | Pessimistic side of Social media:

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Introduction to Social media:

Social media is a interactive connecting tool for sharing and creation of any information, ideas. It is also an effective marketing technology where we can share content quickly and efficiently in real time. Social media marketing connects with customers, generates awareness and thereby increases the productivity and sales. Through social media platform we can reach up to millions of customers, and can enhance capabilities.

Social media marketing-helping wives
Social media marketing

In other words social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are giving an opportunity for people to connect with each other. We can tell that entire world can be on our finger tips. Thanks to the social media today.

Necessary change comes with the power of Social media

Absolutely yes

Apart from that there are certain negative effects which everyone must be cautious, which are as follows

Negative effects of social media marketing:

1.Increased customer power:

In this Globalized world technologies provide very quick access to gather amounts of data and information. With the help of this people are taking advantage and becoming smart shoppers. It is very easy for a customer to analyse the product that are competing with each other in the market. This is one of the drawback of marketing on social media.

Proven sources of Increased customer power:

  1. Access to information has been increased.
  2. Direct transactions and more simplified.
  3. Capable to access to more alternatives.
  4. Communication between the customers has been rapidly increased.

Customer is the king

rules market

2. Negative feedback and spoil brand name:

There are different kinds of people on social media which you need to expose. people may or may not have time to come across your brand. For everything there will be Brighter side and darker side. Social media also falls under this. As there is a chance to access internet very easily there will be some pessimistic people who always aims to damage our reputation on the social media platform.

Instead of supporting they always keeps you in embarrassing situation. This is the biggest threat on social media platforms. Bad spreads very easily, but good denies. People on social media may also feel jealous of you and words can be taken in wrong way, which damages relations.

3. Depends heavily on ads:

In today’s online market where ever you see ads ads ads. Fed up with the ads right, me too. These ad agencies plays a dominant role in online business today. With the capability to identify its specific customers various parameters came up which is tremendous loss to small business enterprises. Unless you pump money in online you may not able to sustain in the market. This is the greatest disadvantage for new starters of business.

4. Reduces employee productivity:

Social media platform reduces the productivity of a employee. This is just to simplify you that rather than working he may spend most of the time on unproductive platform. Some times employees may find themselves posting unnecessary comments towards their colleagues hence deteriorating their relationship and brings about hostility within the workplace.

5. Needs to stay engaged and active:

One must have patience to keep on engaging with social media platforms. It is really a challenging task. You need to stay, engage, monitor and active your marketing efforts. We all know that there is a constantly change in social media which we need to up to date otherwise, we will fall behind. So it is must for a marketer to stay tuned with new social media marketing strategies on the requirements of customer satisfaction. Human wants are many. If a desire gets satisfied another takes its place. So, people are looking for new and fresh thing, as a marketer that is your job to provide them.

Always Stay away from pessimistic people, they might have problem for every solution

Negativity spreads fast

6. Security and private policy issues:

Security and privacy policy is one of the biggest threats on social media. when you are advertising on social media platform we must surrender the information both public and personal in order to get most of marketing your product. Social platforms are working on this but it was not 100% safe.

7. Restricted only to social media platforms:

Information may be limited to social media platforms only. But the reality is that different social media platforms requires different strategies to grow. This is just a waste of time efforts and money. You can expand your marketing efforts to various other marketing tools like SEO or SEM to be flexible. Social media marketing only stays on social media.

8. It does not work for all groups of people:

Social media platforms definitely does not work for all categories of people. You cannot target all groups of people with marketing efforts you have. This is because different people on social media uses social media differently. You need to build your own marketing strategies to target your audience. For example Instagram is mainly used by teenage girls where as Facebook by elderly people.

So these are the negative side of social media marketing:

What to do now?

To get things correct for your business, or in other sense, to build a right foundation of your business – To create a reputation and awareness of marketing follow the two Steps.

1. Attract organic traffic through search engines by using a tool called SEO. Nothing is more powerful than SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Next one is, You can do this using YouTube. Being the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is probably the best place for creating free videos in order to promote your brand or business. To watch informative videos millions of people come across on youtube.


All the points mentioned above are just to create awareness of negative side of social media to be on safer side, and not to discourage you from doing in social media marketing. The important factor is no business in the world sustained only with social media platforms. According to me Social media is a tool to follow Brand, organisation and people etc. Like we have two sides of coin, the same goes with social media.

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  1. This is very useful because now a days there is no limit of using social media hope people will get an idea about negative impact on social media

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