Top 10 e- Learning companies in India | Online education platforms:

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We can surely tell that online education market is highly impacted by emergence of cloud computing. The system of cloud technology enables e-learning in India to save important data, content and information on a single platform. The saving of information makes very easy for all users to access and manage the data from anywhere else possible.

E -learning -helping wives
E learning

Big data analytics and e-learning analytics has gained its popularity which tremendously increase online education. The cloud technology helps online course providers to measure learners preferences, failures, success, manners, behavior, with the help of this the online courses were designed and structured. With magnificent adoption of new technologies and methods, online education market size is expected to grow booms in mere future. Follow the link for more references:

Online education market in 2018-2022

Big data analytics -helping wives
Big data analytics

Future trends of Online education in India:

We can bring the best of online education because according to the survey of organization for economic co-operation and development, 30% of population between age 15- 29 are neither enrolled in schools or skill training. This clearly shows that the traditional education system is very expensive which resulted in low enrollment.

This rise in demand for e-learning education has encouraged top e Learning companies in India to adopt new technologies and methods to impart the best course material to the consecutive learners.

Increased involvement of internet and smartphones in India is another major factor which is making growth in the online education market in India. High involvement of internet has created huge consumer base for e Learning companies in India to acquire and monetize the opportunity. 

Top 10 e- learning companies in India:

1. BYJUs:

Byjus is the best top e-learning company in India. Its head quarters in located in Bangalore, India. It was founded by Byju Ravindran. Shahrukh khan is the brand ambassador for Byjus. This modern education technology and online tutoring institution has created a K12 learning smartphone app that offers highly effective. Byjus is not only for school going students, but also for students for preparing various competitive exams.

2. Dexler education:

Dexler education was established in 2001, headquarters in Bangalore. It provides industry based education solutions for learning, talent management etc. Dexler education mainly focuses of digitalis ed education. With all its creative and innovative strategies the company almost ranks the top e-learning companies. It works with company to accomplish a culture of continuous learning in which we cannot measure.

3. Educomp solutions:

Educomp Solutions was established in 1994, Gurgaon, which is e- learning based company. The company always strives to replace traditional education system with smarter way and enhance learning capabilities, there by ranking one among one of the top e-learning companies. It is enrolled with nearly 30 millions learners across 65000 schools in 2 decades. The company mainly focuses on four sections:

  • High Learning Solutions (HLS)
  • School Learning Solutions (SLS)
  • k-12 schools
  • Online Supplemental Global business (OSG)

The company has revolutionized entire online education market by producing best use of digital products and e-learning solutions.

4. IGNOU ( Indira Gandhi National Open University):

IGNOU was established in 1985 with almost 67 centers across the country. It is said that IGNOU is largest university in the world with enrollment of over 4 million students and surely ranks among top e- learning companies. Central government runs the university. The Government main aim is to servicing the people with means of distance and open education. It mainly provides opportunities for all sections of people.

5. NIIT ( National Institute of Information and Technology):

NIIT is also one of the strong among e -learning companies in India. It was founded in 1981, its headquarters in Gurugram. NIIT offers learning management skills and training solutions. The company is expert in three segments.

  • Corporate Learning Group (CLG)
  • Skills and Carrier Group (SCG)
  • School Learning Group (SLG)

NIIT launched another initiative called Bhavishya jyoti scholarships program in 1991.

6. Edukart:

Edukart was also in top list of online education, founded in 2011. It provides education and it is platform to enroll courses more than 2000 courses, diploma certification, entrance coaching and K12 categories.

7. Simplilearn:

Simplilearn is one of top companies in field of e-learning. Its head quarters is in San Francisco. It is one of the leading professional certification company and ranks best in e- learning. It focuses on professional courses such as Cyber security, Cloud computing, Digital marketing, Project management and data sciences.

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8. Zeus learning:

Zeus learning is also another platform for e-learning. Its head quarters is in Mumbai. It mainly concentrates on development of HTML5 based interactive learning assets. It is globally recognized end to end e-learning solution provider. Zeus learning provides cost effective solutions on mobile apps, technology solutions for LMS etc.

9. Meritnation:

Meritnation is a online portal that delivers the learning needs of students in school. The company has adopted latest education technologies such as live video lectures and interactive recorded videos to bring the best knowledge to the students. By conducting regular tests and giving time-bound assignments, it also checks the preparedness of students for exams.

10. Excelsoft:

Excelsoft Technologies is a provider of Creative technology-based solutions in the field of education and training space. The company has made extraordinary contributions towards effectively using technology to enhance capacities of teachers and learners in India and the world over.


The Online education companies in India is doing its best in replacing traditional education system. The e Learning companies in India are working effectively with the central government, state government, and educational boards to make the cloud computing platform more relevant.

Thus, the evolution and increasing awareness regarding new technologies will increase the use of e Learning in the Indian market, thereby pushing growth in the online education market in India.

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