Top 5 Movies every Entrepreneur must watch | Inspiring Entrepreneur movies:

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Introduction to Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs are those people who creates their own business, who bears the risk and enjoy the rewards. Entrepreneurs are commonly referred to as Innovative people, means always trying to introduce new ideas and strategies in the market.

Like other people Entrepreneurs also needs inspiration from time to time. So, many films were done featured with entrepreneurs as main role. In this Blog I would like to mention few films related to entrepreneurs, which motivates and inspires you to become an Entrepreneur.

Aspire to inspire before we expire

What a Rhyming quote

Movies for Entrepreneurs:

A Movie is a motion picture which Stimulates and communicates the ideas, feelings and stories which we aspire to become. Here are the top 5 movies to Entrepreneurs.

1. The social network:

The social network Movie was directed by David fincher, It is the Story related to face book developer Mark Zukerberg, How he created and developed face book while studying at Harvard. The Movie clearly reflects and shows you how big companies often have small beginnings. Apart from that we can able to see Aaron sorkins best script in the movie. In this quarantine time go watch for it .

2. Pirates of silicon valley:

It is the movie based on some true aspects. Pirates of silicon valley explores competition between Steve jobs and Bill gates. The movie came out in 1999, when Steve jobs flourishing in the second innings of Apple. The movie clearly shows how the competition and rise of two men transformed the whole world ironically in field of technology. The conclusion of movie ends with bill gates having upper hand.

Innovation distinguishes leader and follower

Steve jobs


If you want to know the rise and fall of internet companies during dotcom bubble, then is a perfect movie. The film is a documentary follows the story of Govworks a promising startup company that fails because of mismanagement. It is recognized that one of the best startup movies of all times. Luckily we can watch whole movie on you tube. This films also tells about how friendships turns in to bitter ones.

4. The founder:

The movie is the Biopic of American fast food tycoon ray Kroc. The movie The founder clearly shows the creation of McDonald food restaurant chain. It is one of the best inspiring stories for entrepreneurs. In 1950’s economy was boom in USA which made all Americans spend their most of time by going drive-ins. Before there was a concept of International chain restaurants. The whole story has figured out a system to serve their customers in a effective, efficient and speedy ways.From this Movie We can understand the concept of doing business and in the end it will just look like the game.Entire Business is not based on feelings but on strategies.

I think you should watch film to know Mcdonaldization which effected everyone’s life, all we can follow is that some interesting business games.

We cannot describe entire story here. A must watch Movie.

5. Thank you for smoking:

This movie is all about marketing and selling of products. If you want to master all the marketing skills then you need to watch the movie. Selling is an essential part of entrepreneurship and this film teaches us that it is possible to sell anything as long as you have some data and information with you. The Movie revolves all about Nick naylor, who defends the cigarette industry in challenging situations.

Some more films to check out:

  • Margin Call
  • Money Ball
  • The Pursuit of Happyness
  • Any Given Sunday
  • The Great Hack
  • Becoming Warren Buffett
  • Boiler Room
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Wall Street

There is no innovation and Creativity without failure



I Surely bet you will never get disappointment by watching the movies, if i have missed any movie related to entrepreneurship, let me know from you. Comment me in comments section below. All these movies will surely inspires and motivates you in creative thinking. India needs more Job Providers than job seekers. Innovation is the only way to win in this globalized world.

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  1. Well said my frnd,
    I haven’t seen a single film in this.
    Let me see these films in this lockdown.
    Thank you for the information.

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