What we should do even after Lock Down | Things to follow even after Quarantine period:

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We all know the present situation right. How this Corona changed the entire world is really an impossible thing. It effects are on everything, economy, food, IT industries, software, businesses. It is expected to cut the job rates in mere future. The pandemic is very severe and cannot control until now. Entire world is in same crisis.I think after this disaster, we will be dividing the period or era on the basis of Before Corona and After Corona. Like we have Before Christ and After Christ.

God must know when this corona ends. It is said that, even it ends now it again takes its birth in winter season in India. We should be prepared for that. So, what all the things we must do even after this corona ends is a big challenge for every individual, as we are fighting with unseen virus.

The Fear of Corona is not going to end soon. Be prepared for that

Very harmful

Things we must do even after lock down:

1. Respect and Prior importance to farmers:

As we know that as soon as Our Pm Narendra modi announced for lock down everyone are running for food like vegetables, fruits. They have forget their luxuries, doing all works by themselves. Now no one are focusing on luxuries like cars, mobiles, gold, lands etc. In this phase, we can recognize the significance of the farmer. It is proven that we can live with out all the things stated above but not food. So, let us praise importance of farmer in this epidemic.Lets say if farmers are in quarantine, what should we eat, Can we eat money?

Farmer- helping wives

2. Buy only Indian products:

In this dreadful period every country is focusing on their own economy, how to improve, what to do. We all know that many big industrialists have donated to corona pandemic. Money can possess everyone, but having the attitude to donate is important. After this Corona, economy growth will fall, so if we buy our own Indian products again we can able to with stand in the market. So, as a citizen of India try to buy our products.

3. Never forget Services of Real heroes:

Who are real heroes? were the people who are acting in the films or politicians? who? Real heroes are the people who are fighting with the virus in hospitals and on roads that to with unseen enemy. Never forget the services they provided for us. Doctors, nurses, policemen, soldiers, municipality people. Do you know why all temples, mosques and churches have closed, because all gods are working on the roads and hospitals.

4. Postpone travel to abroad for 2 years:

It will surely take a maximum time to recover from this Pandemic situation. so, try not to go for abroad for a period of 2-3 years.

Travel abroad-helping wives
Travel abroad

5. Try to eat home made food for 1-2 Years:

The thing is the threat of Corona is not going to end soon. We need to follow complete social distancing even after this lock down. stay away from person, who coughs frequently.

6. Adopt our own Indian culture:

It is proved that the Indian culture, food habits are very rich. In India we can tell that kitchen is a medical shop. All the foods we take have medicinal value. Do not run against western culture, try to follow your own culture, food habits etc.

Some more points to be note down are:

  1. Do not take unnecessary trips.
  2. Try to avoid crowded places for at least one year.
  3. Completely follow social distancing.
  4. keep the mask when going out.
  5. Try to prefer vegetarian food.
  6. Try to increase your immunity power.
  7. Be very careful at barber shop or at beauty parlor.
  8. Avoid unnecessary gatherings.

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Doctors, Nurses, Policemen are Real Heroes

Must say yes


Corona has teached a good lesson for every country and for every individual. Every individual is a soldier in this dangerous battle.There is a famous saying that We grow to break. So, let us see positively and hope for good days after this pandemic ends. stay home, stay safe

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  1. The information you provided is very useful and informative about things we must do after lockdown and it’s very important to develop a national economy thanks for the good article

  2. The information which is given by you is very very useful and beneficial to the people .
    Not only in lockdown ,after lockdown also we have to follow the social distancing ,avoid crowd places.
    In this current situation we need some technical operations to increase the national economy for the people by political leaders

  3. Nice article…..
    Thank you for sharing. Yes u r right, it is best for us.
    Looking great work my frnd, I really appreciate you on this quality work…. πŸ‘

    πŸ™‡ Take a bow πŸ™‡

  4. Buying Indian products will help small scale and large scale industries that grows the industries in India. Indians gets employment opportunities it develops the Indian economy thanks for such good article

  5. Gathering all information together is really helpful . Sometimes simplest things mean most. Thankyou .. vadina 😊πŸ₯°

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